Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Wyatt loves Uncle Ryan so much he copies every move he makes! So cute, I love this picture. Wyatt wants so bad to be big and grown up like him.
For Preschool they had a mother's day party at the park where we made these adorable tissue paper hats and took these cheesy pictures with our kids. It was so much fun and I love this picture with me and my boys, the loves of my life!
I took the kids to Color me mine where they got paint something for Grandma for Mothers Day. She was there to help and join in the fun. Wyatt had fun but of course was so careful not to get any paint on himself. My little neat freak!
Grandma and her boys at Color Me Mine! The platter turned out adorable with a little help from Grandma. But she loves it and it sits on her counter everyday to remind her of these precious little ones, with their handprints inside.

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