Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sea World

Back in May we decided to go to Sea World as a family cause Wyatt had been begging to go and Jordan and I hadn't been there since we were little. It was so much fun!
Our first stop was the Dolphins and Wyatt was absolutely mesmerized!
Getting ready to feed the sting ray.

The Death Grip. Jordan kept trying to get Wyatt to touch the sting rays and he was so afraid that he had a death grip on the back of Jordan's shirt and I thought it was so cute, I had to take a picture.
He was afraid of touching the starfish at first too, until he saw another little kid come up with no fear and pick it up so he figured he could do it too.
By Far the Best Part of the Day! The SHAMU SHOW! We were so naive we thought, oh that's weird that the front row seats are open, I wonder why? Well you can see why, we got drenched. They don't call it the Soak Zone for nothing. But actually getting splashed by Shamu made it that much more fun and Wyatt could not get enough, he kept yelling out for Shamu to splash us again.

Ok this evil bird in the background of this picture totally attached me. I went up to the Kiosk to buy fish to feed to the Sea Lions and on my way back, this bird swooped down and hit the back of my head throwing my hat to the ground and all the fish in my hands as well. Once the fish hit the ground about 20 birds swarmed to eat. It was hillarious, everyone was of course starring at me and as I was the laughing stock of the Sea Lion exhibit.
Feeding the Sea Lions was our second favorite part. They are so cute and have so much personality. As long as you can watch out for the birds, you are okay.
Little Baby Urban at 4 months old was such a trooper.
Mommy and my boys at the Polar Bear Exhibit.
Got to love this picture! If you can see, Jordan took this picture at the perfect time when this poor Polar Bear was trying to relieve himself.
The Baluga whales were so cool! They are amazing and if I were to swim with any animal there and pay to do the interaction, I would love to do it with these beautiful whales.

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heidi said...

good on ya kellie! you are working your tail off getting all caught up! your boys are little sweethearts. i'm sure wyatt and cruz would have fun together.