Friday, December 4, 2009

Easter Festivities 2009

Easter was a lot of fun this year with Wyatt cause he was starting to realize that there were actually candies and gifts inside the eggs however it still took a lot of coaching to get his competitive spirit out to race and get as many eggs as possible. He liked to take his time and hand pick which ones looked the best. These are a little out of order, but here is me and Urban, 3 months old at Wyatt's preschool easter party at the park.
Morgan and Tyler's birthday party included and Easter Egg hunt with all the cousins. Here are all the kids lined up and ready for us to say "Go".
Wyatt showing his belly for the camera, like father, like son! While standing between his best buds, Avery and Kamryn.
On your marks, get set, GO! And Wyatt just stands there with his hands in his pants. lol
With a little help from daddy and his sweet easter basket that we made at preschool, he got the hang of it.
He realized he should start running if he wanted to get more, so he's off to the next lawn for more.
Comparing who has more and who has the best ones.
Little sweet snuggle bug in a rug, Urban.
After the party, we headed to the park across from Avery's house where they had a fun petting zoo.
Wyatt chased around the little chick.
Sat and gazed at the mini horse for a while wondering if it was Rob and Big's?
Our little family of 4 with the Easter Bunny!
My two little precious boys!
Wyatt asks to hold Urban at least 5 times a day, he loves his baby brother.
On to the next Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Papa's park.
Easter Morning at our house. We kept the tradition we had growing up of the Easter Bunny hiding our easter basket somewhere in the house. It makes for a fun time trying to find where it's at. And he found it!
Yea! The Easter Bunny brought lots of Water Guns!
Urban taking it all in.
Just waiting to be squirt by Wyatt!
And a new camera to take pictures of Urban, just like mommys. I think his fake one probably takes better pictures than mine. lol
Daddy with his sweet neon yellow cast on his arm that he broke dirt bike riding, first time on his dirt bike. Ya as you guessed it, this cast only lasted a week and was sawed off in the garage.
Stink Bug! My favorite position that Urban loved to fall asleep in.
This was at Wyatt's preschool Easter party, where they had a bike and scooter parade. All the kids decorated their bikes with streamers except you know who. He refused, instead he wanted to be the fastest bike rider in the parade and he was.

First Easter Egg hunt of the season and he loved it!
He definitely loved the challenge and would much rather find the hard to find ones instead of the ones just lying on the ground.
Yea! I love Easter!
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